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The Foundry does not offer generic classes, rather unique group-led coaching to target individual goals. Train like a professional athlete, often with professional athletes, and by ex-professional athletes.

Open to all, our 45 minute classes constantly achieve 5* reviews: no frills, no gimmicks, no tag-backs, and we don't charge extra for DOMS.

You can purchase singles, 5-packs or 10-packs, or get an unlimited multi-site class membership from £149

As well as on the website, classes can be booked using The Foundry's mobile app. Apple / Android

City Strongman
"The toughest workout in the City!"

Devised by Ben Gotting, this class uses all the toys seen on TV's "World's Strongest Man" for London’s most brutal fat-burning workout! Think log pressing, sled dragging, prowler pushing, and the dreaded Atlas Stones....

It's the most fun you can have this sweaty (well, almost)... and it really is ’Better Than The Treadmill'.

Suitable for all levels of ability, including novices who lead active but not necessarily strongman lives.

Of course, if you've never pumped iron then we recommend booking a 30-day trial to make the most of the class.
This class is programmed to burn more fat and maintain more lean muscle than any other bootcamp out there.

SWEAT uses a mixture of HIIT principles and real resistance training to more effectively (and safely) hit your goals.

This isn't just treadmill sprints and endless dumbbell curls in the dark...SWEAT is conditioning training unlike any other!

Working in a team environment, get ready for challenging calisthenics, battle ropes, Air-Dynes, Ski Ergs, and very wet garms.
COMBINE brings together competition, teamwork and testing.

Competition forces everyone to ask questions of themselves. COMBINE isn’t just about the physical challenge, it’s about mental strength and walking away feeling empowered.

Teamwork is what drives professional athletes to reach the top by training, pushing, and supporting each other as a unit. It also makes training FUN!

Just like the NFL COMBINE this class gives you the chance to test yourself to see how you stack up against other teams and The Foundry Trainers!

HANG is a unique body-weight based class taking advantage of the incredible facilities and equipment at The Foundry.

This is ‘callisthenics', combining body-weight strength training with high intensity conditioning, and the desire to climb a rope all the way to the ceiling.

It’s a great way to burn calories whist building a strong and athletic physique, and offers a reduced risk of muscle injury, physical imbalances, or mobility issues.
Forget the little weights and wobble boards, our LIFT class is designed to build strength and muscle whilst carving in serious definition.

Each week we offer one lower-body, one upper-body, and one whole-body class. Using the trusty barbell through to our specialist kit, there is no other strength training class like this on the market. Programming is changed on a regular basis to incorporate new movements and hit different muscles (including those all important rear deltoids).

New faces are very welcome, but if you've never trained using compound lifts we recommend you book our 30-day trial so we can get your form looking crisp.
The human body has evolved very little in the last 2000 years and yet we spend far more time now sat with our hips, knees and ankles fixed at 90 degrees than we ever used to.

The old adage "if you don’t use it, you lose it" has never been truer when it comes to mobility and so our new class concept MOVE aims to improve and develop your ability to MOVE!"

Bringing together elements of animal flow, martial arts and callisthenics as well as using some cool tools like Indian clubs and maces, this class will be like nothing you ever experienced before.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Available to members only, semi-private personal training is a popular new concept - private sessions with 1 elite coach training a maximum of 4 people. This allows for the quality coaching and attention of a 1:1 session, whilst being more affordable. Even better, you get all the benefits of class training - the competition, motivation and camaraderie.

Book a 30-day trial to receive 2 semi-private sessions a week, and unlimited classes, to really see what it is like to train like our regular guests Maro Itoje, Jordan Henderson, Christine Ohuruogu, and Chris Robshaw (amongst others).

All Semi-Private personal training memberships benefit from:

  • An assigned coach

  • 8 or 12 sessions a month (dependent on package)

  • Regular fitness and lifestyle assessment and goal setting session, including a body scan

  • Diet analysis with tailored nutrition advice and ongoing support

  • FREE MYZONE activity belt

  • FREE FITNESS GENES assessment: a DNA test to further your training

  • Monthly progress evaluations

  • Members perks from free seminars, events, and discounts with our many partners

Appointments can be booked using The Foundry's mobile app. Apple / Android


Team Transformation


Sign up to our October Team Transformation and get CLASSES FOR THE REST OF SEPTEMBER TOTALLY FREE.

Professional athletes reach the top by training, pushing, and supporting each other as a team. If you want to transform your body, your mind and your life; come and join the team.

Whether you are looking for an intensive kick-start or to transform your body and mind, our unique 8 week Team Transformation offers the quality of high-end personal training alongside the challenge, variety, fun and support of our renowned classes to get you the results you want.

Intakes run just four times a year - January, April, July and October. Email to grab a place now on the next programme.



  • It’s Varied. We take elements of strength training, athletic preparation and modified strongman for an experience you won't find in your average gym or personal training studio

  • It’s Fun. Training can be hard, but we guarantee our workouts are much more fun than sitting on resistance machines and running on the treadmill

  • It’s Sustainable. This plan will transform how you look and feel forever. Unlike others, we won't simply starve you to get great ‘after’ photos before abandoning you


  • Full assessment and photoshoot at the beginning and end of your transformation

  • 3 semi-private personal training sessions a week

  • Unlimited group classes at any venue

  • Fortnightly body composition measurements

  • Regular online and in-person consultation with your lead trainer

  • Personalised three step nutritional support

  • Fitness Genes testing pack with personalised training report worth £130

  • Free MyZone activity belt worth £120


Personal Training

We are firm believers in semi-private personal training, but know some people just like to sweat alone...

To discuss personal training with one of our coaches please give us a call.