We offer amazing group classes and world-class semi-private training. Depending on which takes your fancy we have 2 commitment-free trial options to experience the Foundry community, meet the team and kick start your results. These are our HALF PRICE CLASSES and our 30 DAY SEMI-PRIVATE TRIAL.

We advise first-time visitors to arrive 15 minutes before class to familiarise yourself with the space and get ready. Once you have signed in on the iPad at reception, our guest services team will look after you and introduce you to your coach. Don’t forget to pre-order a protein shake, and ENJOY!

The best way to book classes or semi-private training sessions is by downloading The Foundry app:

Apple | Android

You can also book sessions via the services tab of this website, or via our MindBody site.

Our classes are super's cray cray! To ensure everyone gets a chance to attend, and to ensure the waitlists run smoothly, we operate an industry standard 12-hour cancellation policy.

You may cancel your booking, without charge, up to 12 hours before the start of the session that you have booked.

All late cancellations (within 12 hours of scheduled start time) or no-shows will be AUTOMATICALLY charged at £5 per session with the proceeds going to charity. 

If you have a genuine emergency and need to cancel within 12 hours please email or call the gym where you are booked so we can try and offer your space to someone else.

Look, we don’t waste time on multi-temperature towels, but otherwise, we’ve got you sorted. All our gyms have shower facilities, hairdryers and straighteners, and bath and sweat towels provided free. Because we love the planet, we don’t sell bottled water, but we do have filtered water fountains. Make sure you buy your life-time Foundry water bottles to do your bit too.

What do you get?

Our 30-Day trial gives you a thorough assessment, 8 semi- private personal- training sessions with our expert coaching team, and unlimited access to our group class timetable at any of our locations.

You can purchase the trial here:

The best thing to do after this is to download our 30-day trial FAQ HERE and contact your gyms guest services team to book your assessment. 

Members can book classes 10 days before. Non-members can book 7 days before.

George Benson said, "the children are our future”. We say The Foundry Youth Academy is "everything we wish someone had told us about fitness when we were kids".

The Academy is open to all individuals between 11 and 18. In order to join the Academy, we require all athletes to complete an Academy Development Course, following which they can attend weekly sessions where our coaching team will assess and monitor their long-term athletic development.

Please email to join The Foundry Academy.

There’s clearly something in the water at The Foundry as we’ve been lucky enough to welcome many hench babies into our family. As a general rule of thumb, we encourage those who begin their pregnancy with a history of exercise to maintain those healthy habits. Those who do not have have a history of exercise should look at pregnancy as an opportunity to embrace healthier habits, but they must start gradually. If in doubt drop us an email.

Partnering with industry-leading supplement providers and Pro Juice we have created a simple but delicious choice of three shakes guaranteed to hit the spot post workout.

Pre-order at reception on arrival to ensure your shake is ready after class. We offer vegan and whey protein and a choice of milk and substitutes. Shakes cost £4.50 which can be charged to your account or paid for by card onsite. Bring your own cup and only pay £4.

There is a car park at The Foundry Vauxhall and on-street parking outside The Foundry Old Street. We wouldn’t advise trying to drive to The Foundry Bank (have you ever tried parking in The City!?) Please do allow extra time to find a spot.