Dave Thomas



Director & Founder

Dave is the original founder and personal trainer at The Foundry. Uninspired by both the ‘impersonal’ business model of personal training within many chain gyms and the exclusivity and branding of the ‘celebrity trainer’ in London, Dave decided to set up a performance and personal training company to enable everyday people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Over the last decade he has accumulated over 10,000 personal training hours with a diverse range of clients, from young offenders to professional athletes.

B.F. (Before Foundry), Dave previously enjoyed a successful rugby career representing school, county, region and various clubs around the world and university. His passion for rugby and sport in general has continued to influence his career and Dave is very proud to be a founding trustee for The School of Hard Knocks the social inclusion charity documented annually since 2007 by Sky Sports which helps unemployed people improve their confidence and find work. Dave is also a regular writer and presenter and the lead coach for Rugbydump.com