I always hear the sentence “I would love to try it but it’s so difficult “. Your right. Bodyweight training will probably hurt you in ways you never thought possible, however, the rewards are priceless.

Let’s start with the very basics. Calisthenics offers a no excuses approach so you can truely find out the reasons why you train the way you do (or not!). Most Parks offer bars and different tools to start with your pull ups. Investing in a set of gymnastics rings can further your training with no expensive gym membership or commitment for a zillion years. If you then feel like you need help progressing, you can head to a teacher online or a studio and seek more knowledge and guidance for your training. Chances are after achieving 1 pull up your already hooked with desire to learn more and keep the line of progression going. This approach is also super effective if you are a beginner and don’t feel confident enough to tackle the weights area of your gym yet.

The benefits on the body are never ending, most notably the reduction in injury due to training with one bodyweight all the time and focus on mobility. Fat loss is also inevitable due to functional movement patterns that are followed in training – which fire up several muscle groups at one time during any given skill practice. This in turn leaves the body with incredibly improved core stability which is tested with every move within calisthenics. If you can incorporate the gymnastic rings into your training you are increasing your game ten-fold. The rings offer strength, mobility and stability like no other apparatus in the training world. This type of training is one of very few that offers transferable strength, agility and stability to other sports and exercise.

Last but not least – how it looks on the eye I hear you ask? You only have to take one look at Gymnastic bodies from around the world to know they are one of the most strong, proportionate, aesthetically pleasing bodies known to man. Alternatively, you can start calisthenics for the reason I did – because you get to learn lots of cool tricks and have perfectly attractive content for your Instagram followers 😉 All in all I wouldn’t take back all the cuts and bruises from training. In the past 2 years, I’ve gone from 8 push-ups on my knees to 30 straight and 10 one arm pushes with ease. Not being able to hold onto the bar, working up to 15 straight pull ups. This is all gained from curiosity and thirst to learn more about movement. These skills have taken me on work jobs, workshops and photoshoots I would have never thought possible. If you’re thinking about giving it a go I promise you the rewards are never ending once you start the ball moving.


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author: Dave Thomas


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