Open: 06:00 am - 21:00 pm (By appointment only)
T:020 74904036
Open: 06:00 am - 21:00 pm (By appointment only)
T:020 74904036


If you are not looking for a full body transformation and just some personal advice on your nutrition and lifestyle. Then a one off consultation could be for you.


Many people searching for a quick fix to their health problems and have a constant battle with losing fat don’t realise that they don’t need a magic bullet – just simple changes to their current approach to nutrition and lifestyle.


At The Foundry we emphasise making nutrition and lifestyle changes that are realistic and permanent. We’ll get to the root of your problems, provide research-driven nutrition advice and offer full support where needed to make sure that you stay on track.


With our Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation we complete both an analysis of your current diet and eating as well as look as your lifestyle and training so we get a full picture. Then, based on our findings, we’ll give you practical solutions that will improve your health and body composition.


How It Works
You will receive some simple questionnaires and a food diary to complete.  


The three questionnaire’s cover:

  • Medical History and Present Medical Condition
  • Diet, Exercise and Sleep
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • 3 day Food diary


Once complete we will have a better understanding of what your current needs are. We will discuss how to make nutrition and lifestyle improvements to help achieve your goals. These could include things such as:

  • When you go to bed at night, when you wake up
  • When and also how you prepare your food
  • Where you shop for healthy food
  • Food choices, foods to avoid
  • How much water you drink
  • Digestion tips
  • Breathing
  • exercise
  • supplements


Then putting all this together we will design a personalised diet plan. We will then arrange to meet with you to go over it face to face or it can be done via Skype/ telephone.


Cost: £100 for initial consultation and future follow ups are charged at £60 per hour.


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