Open: 06:00 am - 22:00 pm
T:020 7183 0283
Open: 06:00 am - 22:00 pm
T:020 7183 0283
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Welcome To The Foundry Family

We may be known as “one of the best gym’s in the world” according to Men’s Health but we know joining the gym can be a scary proposition. Our mission is to be the most inclusive, community minded fitness company in the UK but we recognise it can be a bit intimidating walking into a gym which includes international rugby players and Olympians amongst its membership.


Where Do I Start?


There are two options to getting started with The Foundry family.


If your main interest is our renowned classes then we offer you the chance to test drive the different classes with our buy one get one FREE offer.


If you want to experience the full works we created our 30 day Foundations trial as an introductory offer to The Foundry, designed to equip you with all the skills you need to join all our classes, measure your current fitness levels and get the most from your attendance.


It’s the most popular way for new clients to experience the Foundry family, meet the team and kick start your results. You will receive an assessment, 8 semi-private personal training sessions and unlimited classes for 30 days for £149. We only offer 10 trials a month at either of our locations so please contact us below to check availability and register and interest.


We’re confident that after 30 days you’ll want to become a permanent part of The Foundry family: “Where The Strong Belong”.


For The Foundry Old Street Buy HERE


For The Foundry Vauxhall Buy HERE

Next Steps

Ok, so you’ve completed your trial and you’ve met the unrivalled Foundry team and community. Together we’ll have set new realistic health and fitness goals based on your experience and available training time.


We now offer three unique options, group membership, semi private membership and personal training membership.


All of which will get you where you want to be but each has a unique focus based on your confidence, experience, time and budget.

For more information please click on the options below.