700+ kcal burned


Level: Intense
Limit of participants

This class is designed to burn fat and maintain lean mass more effectively and safely than other bootcamp options by utilising a mixture of high intensity interval training and real resistance training.

This isn’t just treadmill sprints and endless dumbbell curls in the dark! SWEAT is HIIT training unlike any other.

Expect challenging calisthenic movements, strongman toys, battle ropes, kettlebells, inaddition to Cv equipment you won’t find elsewhere such as the dreaded Versa Climber and Concept 2 rowers.

Work alone, in pairs or compete in teams. Ever workout is varied and new, the way circuit training should be!

Regardless of injury, restrictions or ability we adapt all classes to the participant fitness levels which allows everyone to participate.

#SparksWillFly at SWEAT