City Strongman

City Strongman

800+ kcal burned


Level: Intense
Limit of participants

City Strongman, created by former European and Premiership winner Ben Gotting, has been touted as “the toughest workout in the City!”

The Foundry are at the forefront of Modified Strongman Training (MST), the revolutionary workout which makes use of all the toys you’d see in the Worlds Strongest Man circuit; only instead of record breaking feats of strength, we use lighter loads for the most effective fat burning workout in the City – Bar none!

Think Log Lifting, Sled Dragging, Prowler Pushing and Atlas Stone Carrying. It’s the most fun you can have whilst sweating this much… well almost 😉

Our progressive, adaptive system will get you results like you have never experienced before, whilst using some really cool pieces of kit.

City Strongman really is #BetterThanTheTreadmill