Open: 06:00 am - 21:00 pm (By appointment only)
T:020 74904036
Open: 06:00 am - 21:00 pm (By appointment only)
T:020 74904036


I've been training at The Foundry for a year now. The mix of elite equipment and incredibly knowledgeable trainers is a winning combination and the 'sports team' community atmosphere Ben and Dave have created is unrivalled since my days as a professional athlete. The Foundry is an incredible group training gym

Josh Lewsey - World Cup Winner/England Rugby Legend

Without doubt The Foundry are experts in health, fitness and performance. As a strength and conditioning coach I can see the attention to detail in technique, session planning and delivering and look forward to working with The Foundry again in the future

Andy Titterrell - England Rugby and British Lion

The Foundry fulfils all my strength and conditioning training requirements as an international professional athlete. I could not believe a performance facility of such high quality was right on my doorstep.

Christine Ohuruogu - Former Olympic, World and Commenwealth Champion

Working with The Foundry on School Of Hard Knocks has always been a genuine pleasure. The lads are inspired by the dedication and knowledge of the team

Scott Quinnell, GB Rugby League, Wales Rugby and British Lion

I'm a harsh critic of many poor coaches, but such a relief to know there are those who excel as fitness educators. Shout out The Foundry and all the community work they provide.

John Amaechi OBE - NBA and England Basketball

The Foundry is a great gym to train in with really knowledgeable trainers and lovely clients.

Chris Robshaw - Former England Rugby Captain

I love everything about The Foundry. I literally can't get enough!

Nell McAndrew - Model and accomplished endurance athlete

What an incredible facility and welcoming team. Thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Foundry

Jordan Henderson - Liverpool captain and England football

When I chose a personal trainer I knew I didn’t just want someone to train with someone just to get in shape for TV gigs. I wanted to work with someone who understood my long terms goals. Dave has made me happier and healthier in every way. Several years later I know I made the right choice in The Foundry.

Kate McIntyre

My day training at The Foundry was a lot of fun. What a brilliant facility and training team. I can't wait to get down again

Maro Itoje - Saracens and England Rugby

I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never used a Personal Trainer before, but was spending time and money at the gym and not seeing results.The first few weeks were very tough – lots of soreness and adjusting to a new diet – but I couldn’t believe how quickly I saw results in body shape and fitness. At my age, I can’t believe I feel strong, leaner and more toned than I ever have and how much I’ve become addicted to the diet and training. The training is varied, intense and you always feel like you’ve gotten the most out of a session. I’m a major fan!


I am a very active person but for a while I had a feeling that something was not right in terms of my posture and diet, which was having a negative impact on my training. I feel so much better now and my friends and family have all commented on the positive change in me. Last week I had the most amazing run of my life so thanks to Dave I have finally discovered what the fuss about exercise is all about!

Chantal Cox

I was looking for a personal training gym that would offer a ‘bespoke’ service and focus on my needs rather than work with a PT in a big chain gym. Low and behold, Dave offered exactly what I was looking for. I’ve seen great results since I started training. Dave is friendly, professional and most importantly, very knowledgeable. I really am indebted to you Dave, and at the same time proud that I’ve stuck so rigidly to the program and healthy diet. Highly recommended!


I approached Dave Thomas for a summer of personal training primarily because of his rugby knowledge as I wanted to be in the best shape possible for the start of the new season. I wanted a personal trainer in Central London who understood the game, and was experienced in the kind of training methods needed for my playing position. Dave did not disappoint. After a series of assessments, I embarked on a programme that targeted a number of related areas – strength, speed, power, flexibility, stamina, etc. The training was never dull, comprising gym work, track sprints, and plenty of circuits. The results have been fantastic, and fully justified the personal and financial commitment needed for a 16-week programme.

Ed Stockbridge

I have been working with The Foundry for the past month in preparation for a move abroad, in the hope of receiving a new professional contract. The intensive, yet sensible training program has allowed me to quickly and efficiently correct all the minor discrepancies that were initially found in my assessment in order to be able to move onto my Strength & Conditioning work. On the Health, Strength, Fitness, Speed & Agility side of things the trainers have put me through my paces via tough yet enjoyable exercises both challenging me on a physical and mental level in which I will need to be able to perform under highly demanding training schedules. Dave Thomas, through his experience, encouragement and intellectual insight has in just four weeks helped me become, and feel, much stronger and more powerful, which not only show in my physique but also in the statistics with me being able to lift more weight week after week. A HUGE thanks to Team Foundry for all your help & I look forward to working with you in my professional future. Thank you.

Ollie Tyrese

I'm a committed gym-dodger but training with The Foundry never felt like a chore - my trainer kept me motivated throughout with inspiring slogans ("Man Up", "Grow a Pair") and taught me a huge amount about what works and what doesn't. The Foundry hasn't been named 'One of the Best Gyms in The World" by Men's Health for nothing!

Ed Reeves, Men's Health Journalist and Former Exercise Dodger

For me it was evident from the moment we started that this form of personalised training shows better results, is more motivating and provides higher return for money than any alternatives. My posture has improved dramatically, I have gained weight while reducing body fat at the same time and I feel much more energetic and fit. While I have achieved my initial set of goals, I will continue to work with Dave focusing on sports specific training to improve my surfing and squash.


12 week check in. I'm down from 88kgs to 77kgs and my body fat is down from 25% to 13%. Working with Mark Ireland has enabled me to be bang on with my food and training. The beauty of it is I'm not done yet as I chase the sub 10% club. Thanks so much to Mark, a great friend and trainer.

Dominic Brindley

I achieved these excellent results after a year of training with Ben Gotting. Yes, a whole year of consistent eating and training; not 12 weeks of extremely low-caloric intake on top of brutal unsustainable exercise. There is no water depletion in these pics, no drugs involved and I didn't drop body-weight. I did lose a significant amount of body fat and simultaneously added muscle and my performance in the gym went through the roof. If you want real, concrete, and most of all, sustainable results I can honestly say The Foundry will help get you in the best shape of your life


I needed something affordable to supplement my PT sessions with Ben Gotting; the Foundry classes cover all angles for me, I get personal attention even in a group, all abilities/injuries are accommodated– no-one gets off light! There’s a real mix of people, and it’s so friendly. My personal goal Strongwoman competitions. I need fitness for speed events, but also need single heavy lift skills. Small group Lift classes, conditioning at City Strongman and the expertise of ex-professional sportsmen and first class coaches is more than I could hope for under one roof. The Foundry Vauxhall has the biggest indoor track I can find in London, and there’s an immense range of high quality kit. I’ve been to so many gyms, and this one ticks more boxes than any other for me. I recently placed 2nd at a competition, my first medal, so I’m definitely getting the results I want.